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Compost Machine Manufacturers

Eco-Innovators in Waste Management: Unveiling Best Compost Machine Manufacturers

In the era of high waste generated in cities and now increasing environmental consciousness among residents of these large cities, composting has come up with a solution for huge organic waste piles, and the most important solutions are researched and developed by DSC Engineering : Most trusted compost machine manufacturers. 

DSC Engineering: Pioneering the compost machine manufacturing in India with their innovative product      


DSC Engineering most reputed compost machine manufacturer has earned a name in industry with innovative technology and very cost effective products. The Composto series by DSC Engineering is a testament to dedication for providing efficient, fully automated composting machines for various scales of waste generation. With a perfect blend of technology and sustainability, DSC Engineering is at the forefront of the composting revolution.

COMPOSTO : Microbial Mastery

DSC Engineering takes center stage with its expertise in microbial research and development, transforming food waste into compost that too very fast. With a very wide range of composting machine catering to both residential and commercial waste related requirements, DSC Engineering is driving sustainable practices in waste management industry.

COMPOSTO : Industrial-Grade Excellence

For industrial-scale composting solutions, DSC Engineering : COMPOSTO is a name synonymous with excellence among most renowned compost machine manufacturers. Our compost machine are tailored for large-scale organic waste processing, making them ideal for industrial, and municipal applications.

Most Convenient

Very Quickly processes food waste for composting

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Machine Available at Lowest price in market


Food waste management as per govt. rules the best & safest way


No bad smell, No Mess No pest problem​​

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Food Waste Composting Machine Processing Video

Sturdy Inbuilt shredder video

How COMPOSTO : The best Food Waste Composting Machine Helps Composting Process

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* Volume reduction with high quality Heating System

* High quality compost in quick time

* Bad Odour Control with latest technology

* Very easy composting process

* Converts food waste into high quality manure with all necessary nutrients

* Its compact size saves space for bulk waste generators

Owc : Organic Waste Converter
OWC Machine

COMPOSTO : Most Robust Food Waste Composting Machine


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Related Q & A

Ans. If you are looking for Compost making Machine to process your food or organic waste?? 

You are visiting right website | you can also call us @ 9958858881 to buy now.

We are most renowned manufacturers of Compost Machine : starting from 10 kg per day to 5000 per day processing capcity.

we have in house manufacturing of all components of compost machine which enables us to manufacture and supply best quality industrial grade compost machine at best price.

Ans. As responsible compost machine manufacturers we invests most of the efforts in research and development thus making our compost machines designed with a range of innovative features to ensure optimal efficiency and a seamless user experience in the transformation of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost at very fast speed:

  1. Smart and Automated Monitoring :

    • COMPOSTO is equipped with very effective automated monitoring system to regulate inside temperature. 
  2. Compost Machine with Inbuilt Shredder :

    • All COMPOSTO Models comes with inbuilt shredders to make the whole composting process very easy and fast.
  3. User-Friendly Process:

    • As COMPOSTO is developed by DSC Engineering with utmost care and after detailed research thus the machine process is very user friendly and least human intervention is required to operate. COMPOSTO proves that DSC Engineering is the best compost machine manufacturers in India.
  4. Versatility in Waste Processing:

    • As composto is developed with extensive research and after consultation by international experts from many countries thus makes it a dynamic product which can handle diverse products in waste form very easy way.
  5. Energy-Efficient Technology:

    • Although COMPOSTO is fully automated in nature of process but still its high quality PLC based operation make it very energy efficient.
  6. Compact Designs:

    • As during the research process we had observed a very important factor that there is a huge space constrain in urban areas so we kept in mind this aspect. COMPOSTO is designed to cater complex wastes in very less space requirements.

Compost Machine Manufacturers

COMPOSTO series compost machine are available from 25 kg per day to 2000 per day. COMPOSTO is a most vibrant solution to the food waste generated in hotels | restaurants | temples | schools | colleges etc. A very sturdy industrial grade compost machine equipped with most latest technology. DSC Engineering has formed consortium with other like minded solution providers based in Israel | Germany | USA to create a perfect solution for all types of food waste problems in most feasible way.

COMPOSTO series is most suitable solution which is ROHS compliant and CE Certified and fulfills all compliance as per SWM 2016.

Call @ 9958858881 to buy COMPOSTO from most trusted compost machine manufacturers.

Listen From Our Clients

Rajniwas Narsi
Rajniwas Narsi (Park Plaza)
DSC ENGINEERING team is doing great job with their quality compost machine. They are very reliable for all waste management related matters
Naveen Sukhani
Naveen Sukhani (Sarovar Portico)
They are really pioneers in manufacturing compost machine. Happy with their product and services.
Ripudaman Singh
Ripudaman Singh
Technology they are continuously regularly updating in their compost machine is their USP. Really impressed with their go for attitude.

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