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COMPOSTO (Shaktimaan)

COMPOSTO (Shaktimaan)

COMPOSTO 2.O  ......(25 Kg Per Day)

COMPOSTO 2.O ......(25 Kg Per Day)



Organic Waste Converter

COMPOSTO is considered as the best organic waste converter for several reasons:

 Innovative Technology Organic Waste Converter

Since COMPOSTO is counted among best organic waste converter in world this has cutting-edge ultra modern technology, which comes with PLC Based operating system and twin shaft inbuilt shredder, which can handle any type of hard organic waste for an efficient and advanced composting process.

Reliable and Consistency

Users trust COMPOSTO for its reliability and consistent performance as this very dynamic organic waste converter is fitted with very high quality branded components articulated in-house.

Compact and Space-Efficient

Recognizing the importance of space in urban areas, COMPOSTO shall be customized and designed to fit within the available space. Whether in a small restaurant or a larger hotel or a residential society, our organic waste converter maximizes efficiency within the lowest space requirement.

Revolutionizing Organic Waste Management

COMPOSTO, a product of renowned organic waste converter manufacturers, is a market leader in govt. approved waste management practices. This transforms organic waste into compost presenting minimum hassles operation.

COMPOSTO is considered the best organic waste converter due to its consistent quality output, innovative technology, versatility, eco-friendly solutions, reliability, user-friendly design, space efficiency, and its role in revolutionizing waste management practices.

Best Organic Waste Converter manufacturers

Professional Team with long Industrial experience
Over 500 Successful Installations
Best in class Organic Waste Converter
Best after sales services
25 kg to 2000 kg per day capacity machines available
Founded</br> 2012

Most Convenient

Very Quickly processes food waste for composting

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Machine Available at Lowest price in market


Food waste management as per govt. rules the best & safest way


No bad smell, No Mess No pest problem​​

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Organic Waste Converter Processing Video

Inbuilt shredder video

How COMPOSTO Helps In Composting Process

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* Helps in volume reduction of huge oil ups of waste

* Helps in making best quality compost in just 9 days

* Helps bad Odour Control

* Makes composting ready to process very easily in its biological stage

* Prepares high quality manure in which all necessary nutrients present for plant growth

Other details about “COMPOSTO”

* Very compact unit available across organic waste converter machine segment

organic compost machine
organic waste composter

How COMPOSTO is most Robust Organic Waste Converter?


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ANS: Our organic waste converter stands out in this highly competitive OWC market due to its exceptional features and benefits for the user, COMPOSTO is customized to meet the diverse needs of hotels | Restaurants | Societies | Colleges committed to sustainable waste management:

  1. COMPOSTO’s Innovative Technology makes this Best an organic waste converter.

  2. COMPOSTO process waste very efficiently which provides High-Quality Compost Output.

  3. Versatility for Various Scales either any restaurant or large hotel or any residential society it fits everywhere.

  4. COMPOSTO is very easy to use and its User-Friendly Interface makes all industrial users loving this organic waste converter for their institutions.

  5. Smart Monitoring System by automated PLC gives it an edge over other organic waste converter in market.

  6. Very Space-Efficient Design of COMPOSTO gives best composting solution in urban areas.

  7. Amalgamation of PLC and Mechanical system makes it very Energy-Efficient Operation.

  8. COMPOSTO is developed by most renowned organic waste converter manufacturers with utmost Expertise which makes this most Reliable organic waste converter.

  9. DSC Engineering’s Global Collaborations for Excellence in developing COMPOSTO a ultra modern organic waste converter solution for all organizations.

Listen From Our Clients

Rajniwas Narsi
Rajniwas Narsi (Park Plaza)
DSC ENGINEERING team is doing great job with their quality compost machine. They are very reliable for all waste management related matters
Naveen Sukhani
Naveen Sukhani (Sarovar Portico)
They are really pioneers in manufacturing compost machine. Happy with their product and services.
Ripudaman Singh
Ripudaman Singh
Technology they are continuously regularly updating in their compost machine is their USP. Really impressed with their go for attitude.